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If you need heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, a liver transplant or just an appendectomy, often you are placing your very life into a stranger's hands.

In this cost conscious HMO Primary Care Physician world, you must be more diligent than ever.

People seem more willing to ask for references on their TV repairman, plumber or carpet cleaner than asking a doctor even where he went to school! It’s just human nature to hold people with the power of life and death in awe.

Doctors Across New York

Now most of your questions will be answered in our report on any medical doctor licensed to practice in the United States.

Each report provides the following

Name, date of birth, current location of practice, educational background, current and historical medical licensing data by year and state, specialty, when and where they performed their hospital residency, any honors, as well as any board certifications, and most importantly, pre-verified sanction data such as billing fraud, over prescribing incompetence or other such derogatory information is also included.

Information is gathered from over 70 primary sources including the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as every medical and osteopathic board in the United States. Doctor Search, For Safety.

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FAQs about the doctors in New York

We keep getting so many e-mails from people asking different things about the doctors in New York. It is quite challenging for our team to cope with that high volume of questions, so we have decided to add this information right here. We will keep updating this info for our readers and will investigate the questions we get for you.

What state has the highest concentration of doctors?

The demand for physician specialties has grown dramatically within the last decade. The main reason for this is the fact that the US population has grown older. By 2020, the Association of American Medical Colleges has reported, that by the end of the year U.S. is likely to face a shortage of around 90.000 physicians. By 2025, this number is estimated to grow by 130.000. Now, let us see the information on where a US patient is guaranteed to find the highest concentration of working physicians. Let us see the Top-9 States with the highest concentration of doctors. Information is taken from the research by

Total Active Physicians per Capita
New York
Rhode Island
New Jersey

As you see from the table, New York is listed as the third in the list, so it is one of the leaders in the United States. See the visual representation of this information on the US map below.

total number of doctors per state

NY doctors by specialty:

medicine in new york

How do U.S. patients choose a hospital?

This is another question we keep getting in the e-mails we receive from our readers. People would like to know, how do the other Americans select the hospital for themselves. We have conducted our own research and will gladly share the results with you!

Let us start with the fact, that the competition in the medical sphere is very stiff in the United States. Based on the information provided by the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, 75% of the US hospitals have got a competitor within 15 miles. As a result, the hospitals and their personnel have to work hard to differentiate from one another. Now, let us see, what people say.

  • The very first factor the majority of US patients care about is what their health insurance allows. However, this factor is not under control of hospital marketing, so cannot be controlled by them.
  • The next thing people consider when selecting their hospital is the word of mouth and patient experience. Based on the study published by the Center for Studying Health System Change, U.S. patients choose a hospital or a new doctor based on the reviews of the other patients and a word of mouth. Being specific, 50% rely on the information they learn from their friends and family. 20% look for the reviews in social media and certain other platforms. Besides, 3 out of 5 respondents noted, that social media has affected their choice.
  • Here goes reputation and brand of the hospital and/or doctors who work there. According to the info provided by the National Research Corporation, 9 out of 10 U.S. patients note, that reputation is an important factor when they select a hospital. After all, everyone, who is involved in marketing knows, that branding is one of the vital investments any firm can make. Almost everyone checks out the website of the hospital and checks social media of the hospital to get better understanding of the organization.
  • Next goes the accessibility and location of the hospital. The research, conducted by the American Hospital Quality Report back in 2014 showed, that the location matters more than the quality factor. This way, 58% of respondents replied, that they are likely to choose a healthcare organization or hospital based on the location, rather than on the health benefits for the patients (30%).